Sunday, April 12, 2009

Artfest Day 2

Our first day of workshop and I was set to take the book binding class "Cosmic Coptic" taught by Pam Sussman. This is my first attempt in doing book binding and started out challenging but I took my time and Pam was very patient and helpful in making sure my table got it right.

By the end of the workshop, I manged to finish my book and was pleased with it! After class, I needed to pick up my clayboard from Akmai art store so, I enlisted Amanda to ride with me to town. Wow, I was blown away by this store in middle of a small town with big city inventory. They carried everything I would have to say and customer service was top notched!

We stopped by a small coop store and so many organic selections, I was tempted to get some wine, could not make up my mind so I left without any!

After dinner, Michelle and Jessica joined us and we headed to the theater for artists panel discussion. There were three groups and the married couple panel were hilarious. After the panel discussion it was down to the beach for "BON FIRE" and "JOURNAL FEST" and we had so much fun hanging out and reading our journal. Mine was no where done...I am still struggling with this journal thingy! By the time we left the beach we were all ready for siesta, but I heard voices in dorn and came upon Sonya's group with card action going on and Kristine table of jewelry treasure set up for anyone who wants to make a jewelry. I choose a pendant with egg motif with number 22 on it, which represent my birthday.

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