Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Casa de la Cultura Ensenada Trip

On June 25th, I embarked on three days visit of Cultural exchange to Ensenada with the Riverside Community Art Association (RCAA) organized by Mark Schooley, Director of  RCAA.  Ensenada is the sister city to city of  Riverside and RCAA has been doing art exchange for few years!  RCAA collects art supplies and books for the children of Ensenada. Also organize art exhibit exchanges with artists from both cities.
This was my first visit to Ensenada and the trip brought back a lot of back home memories.  There were things I could relate to...the outside cantina, the street vendors, the fish market, the general little stores and the pharmacies.

Upon check-in we headed to the marina and have lunch at the cantina, then headed to Riviera Cultural Center and Gardens,  Jody, drove up with the books and we unloaded the books for the library at the center.  We were then given the tour of the center with its rich history. Great art, motifs, ironwork and lots of character!
We then headed to the Contemporary Museum with great exhibit on "Rostros Y Tradiciones".  This exhibit showcase some Latina masters. There was a piece that caught my attention by Frida Kahlo...it was not her typical style and the color palate was in pastel hues. There was a pale doll in the bottom of the piece that has some reference to her style.

The next day was spent painting at the beautiful Cultural Center.  We all made our location selection and let the painting begins.  I had few minor setbacks...the paper I brought was old and I forgot some key color paint.  Nonetheless, I was determined to make a go if it and manage to bring the piece back to decent...not a master piece. My second piece need touch-ups for completion! 
After Painting we went back to the museum to view the new exhibit that just opened with a reception the day before.  The exhibit title is Ensenada Hoy! The exhibit showcase artist of the region over the last two decades!  Very outstanding work...check out the album I created!

Food overall was outstanding...on our first evening I ordered whole bass in Veracruz sauce and boy did I get one bigggggggggggggg fish!

Second night we were all happy after region wine tasting, except for Terry she was happy with margaritas!
Trip back home was longggggggggggggg due to border check-point.  My advise to anyone is to get off at the last exit and empty your bladder!!!  Here is my Ensenada trip photo album...enjoy!!!


Long Black Eyelahes said...

Oh lucky you!!!!! Angelica

Donnetta said...

Sounds like an incredible experience.