Sunday, August 29, 2010

August Art Play Day!

The finished piece- need a title
This weekend was our art play day and we missed Angelica not being there!  The weather in Southern California has been extreme for the week but Saturday was the perfect weather to PLAY...We could not have asked for a better one than we had!

work in progress.!
We started with showcase of new works and ideas exchange, and then got down to creating.  Laura joined me in finger play this time around.  She has been having fun with the process with her students.  I have been in what you would called "Modigliani" state for few weeks and anxious to get my ideas on paper.

So what do you think of this new piece?   Would love to hear your thoughts!!!
close-up of work in progress!

Laura's blue girl

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had fun, I wish I lived closer< i would love to get together with fellow creatives. I love the work you both did.