Sunday, August 1, 2010

INDIGO with the Youths!

This weekend was spent teaching and having fun at the Omo Yoruba Youth Camp. The camp teaches the youth Yoruba cultures through many workshops / sessions.

Students working on tying T-shirts
 This year I  engaged the youths in making their own Indigo T-shirts with the assistance of several parents.  Indigo is the oldest dye used for coloring fabrics. It is made from the plant beautiful blue leaves through a fermentation process.
Basting in INDIGO!
Tied resist techniques is used to create patterns.  The dye vat is yellow and when fabric is removed it begins to turn blue as the oxygen reacts with the indigo!
Margaret & I admiring the results

Enjoying their creations!
What a load of fun for them as they design and tied the shirts.  It was pure  fascination and excitements as their designs came alive.

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