Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dr. St. James Studio Visit With Friends!

A good friend of mine, Veronica invited me to Dr. Synthia Saint James open studio.  Synthia was hosting open studio fundraising  so, myself, along with Ronnie, Leslie & Johnny headed out to LA for an afternoon of art feasting!

Ronnnie with her new original by Dr. St. James

We were given a warm welcome by the artist and  grand tour of the studio.  She made a point of her being in her elements and put us all at ease.  The walls were filled with colors and our eyes wondered from one art to the next one, trying to take it all in!

Synthia was also generous with her wealth of information and encouragements for Johnny!

We not only feasted on art, but great refreshments were in abundant.  We met other patrons and a sense of connections, with great we headed out, Synthia put on some music and we busted out into  dance circle.  The dance felt spiritual and created a sense of connection!!!
When we got in the car we all concurred that it was a great day!!!!!!!!!!

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andre harrington said...

Wonderful pictures and a fantastic display of art. I was very fortunate to meet Dr. St. James when the Kwanza Stamp was revealed in Winston-Salem North Carolina. A dear mutual friend, Dr. Beverly Robinson invited me to the reception and that is when our friendship began. It is always a wonderful treat to connect with energy from the present and the past. Cheers to all.