Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Making New Year's Resolutions

playful goddess!
As we headed into the end of the year, I had little time to think about what will be my resolutions for 2011, due to family illnesses.  The series of events prevent me for thinking let alone come up with a plan.  I started to sense state of feeling down and getting less and less motivated about things I enjoy doing!  This is not a good feeling and I am struggling to come out of this runt.  Family members started to get better except for one member, whom we lost a week ago! It is has been a journey and along the way, friend's blogs (Alex & Amanda) have been inspirational and encouraging!

I have decided in relations to my art that 2011 is all about refocusing on the key things to stimulate my creativity...
First get back into printmaking, play and experiment!
Second, focus on detail one of a kind metalsmithing jewelry design.

Lastly, find a sense on inner balance with proper intake(food) & output (exercises).  I hope this will  create a well-balance inner and outer self!  
I am beginning to see changes as I make baby steps to find my groove back!!!

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O mundo de Alex said...

First of all happy new year Adeola wish you the very best. I am sorry for your loss.
Love your jewelry, so good your planning to create and have time for yourself. I know it's not always easy and you've got kids.....but it's worth it believe me! miss you
dear art friend . can't wait to see your next post with new beautiful creations.