Sunday, October 9, 2011

Marcus Tynes-Portraits of the Fallen Memorial Project!

Out of the blue came the call from Sherry Moore to be part of something so unique and special.  Paying tributes to fallen heroes.  These heroes gave their lives for us in Iraq and Afghanistan!  When I received the call to participate, I just had to say yes to such a great honor to be part of this tribute. This will the fifth exhibition of the portraits since 2004!

Painting Marcus's portrait was very emotional and it took a while to get down to doing the painting.  I starred at his photo and tried to imagined the loss for his family. He is the same age as my daughter and just too young to die!  It reminded me to treasure the time we spend with our children. 

During the painting process, I could feel his presence in the studio and urging me on that I could do this. I had painful moments at times when l looked at his bright serious soldier eyes and moments I called on him to help me do justice to his painting.

Due to communication oversight, the first portrait I did was not the right criteria for the transfer to tile for the permanent memorial installation.  I was now under the gun to do another one so that Marcus's piece can be transferred. As I was thinking it would be great to give the first on to the family, my son came into the studio and asked why the second portrait?  When I told him why, he then asked what  will I do with first piece and before I could answered him, he suggested giving it to Marcus's family...SO PROUD OF HIM! Will appreciate your insights!
I will update as the installation day nears.


Desiree said...

What a wonderful project and painting. I am sure his family is thankful for the painting

debk. said...

Great cause to participate in, Adeola. The connection you felt was Marcus' spirit communicating with your Muse. You nailed his likeness. His family will be moved by your portrait. Debbie K

O mundo de Alex said...

Hello Adie i feel that you put all your enormous heart in the portrait. I am sure his family will sense it as well. Love the painting very emotional. xo dear heart friend