Monday, April 30, 2012

Artfest Workshop Day 3

Tory piece for inspiration!
Riding high on the past two days workshops and evening activities, I was ready for day three workshop.  Making dolls is one of the creative process I like to do for my personal enjoyment.  Today's  workshop is with Tory Brokenshire and it is all about Beautiful Santos, with your personal stamp on it. This fantastic workshop allows the use of several mediums to create the Santos.  We had to deconstruct a porcelain doll and the head was re-sculpted to give it our personal character. Once the doll was beheaded we proceeded to use sculpey clay to sculpt the face and give it adult features and decides on the gender, then off to the oven for good baking!.
Tory unloading the sculpted heads from oven!
 We worked on the Santos clothing, sewing the gathered skirt since the doll is 30 inches tall. The skirt is then layered with more fabrics.  Once the head is done baking, it was time to paint and apply washes to aged the Santos.  My Santos is dress in fabric of African design and she looks like "Moremi" statue from Nigeria with lots of character!  
with Tory, my wonderful instructor!

close-up !
one of raven sample for Tory's other classes
 The evening activity was show and tell, where students display work created in the workshops for all to see This allow one to "eye" a workshop for the future.  There are so many imagery I photographed that it deserve it 's own posting. O stay tuned for next just might be tag!!!


lk moonwood said...

The process for making the santos is so intriguing - how did I not even know about this class? Your finished santo is wonderful!

sweet pea jewelry said...

there were just too many cool classes to choose from! It looks like you had fun. I live in New Mexico where Santos have a rich history. Your piece turned out really cool

adeola's studio said...

Thank you Lulu, it was so much fulfilling sculpting should look into Tory's workshop, I think she is near you in the northwest!

adeola's studio said...

Sandy, that is a sign of great workshop...check out Tory's workshop and good to know about New Mexico rich history...will have to look into it!