Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Studio Reconfiguration

For the last two weeks, I have been knee deep in re-doing my studio layout to accommodate my newest kiln for enameling and clean out old stuff.  It is coming along fine but my biggest challenge is letting go of boxes of "things" mostly non-art related.
packing old jewelry space
bookshelves unit getting ready to be moved!

I know that I need to do it but it is much harder when I get down to doing it...I have resolved to shedding bit by bit instead of all at once.  I know I will feel much lighter and better once this process is complete.  Do any of you go thru similar feelings? 
I am anxious to get this all done and start enjoying the dedicated spaces for each of my artistic endeavors!  More to come when done!
Chime in on your studio setup experiences!

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Doodlebugheart said...

Looks great! I know it's such a hassle though, and it's constant. I just reconfigured my studio table yesterday. But it feels so good once it's done!