Sunday, April 6, 2014

Universal Studio Of Arts and Some!

On my recent visit to Nigeria, one of the highlights was the opportunity to visit a thriving community of artists some of whom I met in February during the Pan African Art & Film Festival in Los Angeles.

I was able to connect with Mr. Dotun Alabi, Chairman of Society of Nigerian Artists and it was a wonderful visits to the artist studios, Yaba College of Technology Art Department and School of Technical Education where Mr. Alabi teaches!
at the Society of Nigerian Artists- Lagos State Chapter
Outside of the Art Department at Yaba tech
The Universal Studio of Arts comprises of the metal, sculpture, painting and Life drawing studios.  I was also able to connect with Mr. Fidelis Eze Odogwu in the metal studio. He was another one of the artists I met in LA.  He works in huge life sized metals.
one of the life sized metal sculpture!
Artist welding
Mr. Alabi, myself & Mr. Odogwu
The sculpture studio employs both lost wax and wood carvings like the ebony wood!
angelic plaster mold
wax carving for lost wax
artist busy carving contemporary design
series of wood sculptures
There were many apprentice students on site in the painting and life drawing studios.  As I move from one studio to another it was just share joy to see arts thriving in this community. 
busy painting studio with apprentices

mixed media on the wall!
model posing in live drawing studio!
After the studios visit, Mr. Alabi took me on tour of the arts department at Yaba College of Technology, my very short alma mater in the late 70's ( I know I just dated my self), this was where I learned how to type!  We met up with senior professor of the department, Mr. Aderinsoye; Textile Principal Technologist  Mr. Adeyemo and former Dean Noserime Rukeme. Most of the departments were on the quiet side due to current teachers protest. 
Yaba Tech Art Department rountanda
with Mr, Aderinsoye

Mr. Alabi & Mr. Aderinsoye
Textile student at work!
We left Yaba Tech with a quick stop at College of Vocational Education where I met some of Mr. Alabi's contemporaries.  Mr. Alabi then invited me to attend their "Artists Link" meeting and wanted my insights as they strategized and plan their next trip to California. 
National Arts Theater, frontage to the Universal Arts Studios
 As I left the studio I was just elated about meeting all these wonderful artists and  I see collaboration in the future.  Will keep you posted!!!

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