Monday, June 30, 2014

Mask Delights it was!

This past Sunday was spend with wonderful students eager to learn the art of enameling.  Some were totally new to the technique, some have worked with enamels and one returning student.
First layering of enamel-clear with sugar effect!

The mood is always great when you see the sparkles on their faces as they explores the many possibilities of glass fussing and layering depths.

loads of fun goin' on here!
smoothing out the edges
turtle going in the kiln
WIP-drying before firing
 Even though the workshop is geared towards mask making, I always give the students opportunity to explore other subjects they fancy.  Some proceeded with the mask while others choose differently but the end results were spectacular...

mask fabricated from flat sheet of copper...all hand formed!
finished hand fabricated heart from sheet of copper!
wonderful class!
fun time!
The finished mask by Sky!
Now on to the next workshop design in the studio...Chime in if you would like to be notified of next workshop or give us some feedback!

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