Friday, January 2, 2015

Letting Go 15 = 2015!

Happy New Year and as the Yorubas will say "Eku odun, eku iyedu o", . 
 It has been a great 2014 and I shared half of it with you with my blogging before I stopped cold mid year. I must confess, the trip to South Africa was awesome and so many things to share that I was rendered helpless as to the best way to blog about it. This helplessness led to inaction and the partial post never completed. I look forward to it completion and posting in the near future!
at an outdoor market on the way to Cape Town (garden scenic route)
In the past I have made resolution with my key "one word" but this year, I am trying to face a weakness of mine. This is really big for me to be transparent about this problem ...that is letting go of things.   I must confess, I have a common artist disease of keeping items with intentions of incorporating into my art.  This condition has boiled over to other areas of my life and everything I have, I visualized artistic usage for it hence keeping it for future use.
one of the 15 items letting go- storage maybe!
one of the 15 items letting go-was planning on using for collages!
 God only knows when that will be so recently I was inspired by Tracy Verdugo purging of 10 items a day.  She was doing this for about a month and that go me thinking!  As part of my new year resolutions I will be letting go 15-items  and do it for 30 days and hopefully extend it further. 
one of the 15 items letting go..don't ask what i was keeping this for!
one of the 15 items letting go!
Thirty days will give me baby steps and let me take it one month at a time!
I challenged you in joining me in letting go. The item(s) could be 1 , 2, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 21,  25, using number combinations from 2015!  Chime in, would love to hear from you and let us be supportive of each other!


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I think that is a wonderful idea! I would like to Join you in this project. Hmm where would I start? can we start in my cloths closet or the hall closet? Perhaps my husbands storage shed. LOL I would do it in my studio, it may be a little more challenging to start there though. I will start this weekend.

Thank you Adeola for your inspiration and your beautiful art. Veronica, Printmaker

Unknown said...

Adeola! I saw Tracy Verdugo doing this as well. Great minds and hearts think alike, huh? Imagine my home...we have THREE artists under one roof. Aye~ I am going to consider this. Might be just what I need! Thanks for sharing and welcome back to your lovely blog!

adeola's studio said...

Yay...Veronica, so happy decided to do the challenge..I am finding it satisfying already and it is making letting go of things much easy! Thanks for your comment on my blog and please share some of your pic on the blog as you go through the process!

adeola's studio said...

I hope you do give it a will be surprised of how satisfying it will be and you can start with just one or five a day! I look forward to reading about your letting go...lets do it!

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