Saturday, April 17, 2010


As promised here is part 2 of my Artfest journey...I ahave been busy in the studio and making a commitment to start applying all myArtfest inspirations...I will post pics soon of the outcome!

After exploration came the task of cheking in, find our assigned house and then get ready for the trade frenzy! Lest to say Amanda and I  had a little mixed up with our room assignments with our housemates from Canada, but Teesha clarified and straightened things out.

We headed to the commons for the highlight of the evening..TRADING!  It was a total frenzy alright!.  Got a lot of kool trades in exchange for my fiber trade.  This year I traded my exotic African fibers which was well received last year, so I brought more this year.  Once we got back to the house I could barely wait to see my trades closeup but had to wait till we get back from the art store.  This gem in this little quaint town has big city setup in terms of their art supply inventory and one must not forget the outstanding hospitality they afford the artists.  Johanna and the crew, you gals ROCKS!

Dinner was homemade since we opted out of meals...we had all the cooking ammenities and wanted to control over eating which we did last year!  We got our stuff ready for next day workshop and the high of what lies ahead was very hard to contain.
Amanda, Alex and I were in the Encaustic workshop with Patricia Saggebrush.  Lots of information, my first time working with wax paints ...very cool to see the depth you can achieve with the medium.  Patrica was a wonderful instructor and took us on long walk to hunt for beach glass but the tide was too high! I think what I am taking away from this workshop is incorporating the wax medium only with my painting.  I picked up a can of the wax and will soon be playing with it! I will keep you posted!

The agenda for the evening was packed, The "Iron Chef Artist", Bon Fire & Journaling at the Beach House" and Jesse Renno Band performance at the many to choose from, this is when I which I could clone thyself to be at all three places...had to settled for the Iron Chef and Bonfire! I was glad I saw the instructors under pressure of creating an art with whatever was in their bag! The good news...I won this piece created by Mary Stanley..WoHOOOOOOOOOO!
Patricia working hard under the gun! Here is more of the Iron Chef pics...

The bonfire/journaling was great time spent with friends and some new ones...not much journaling for me...writing is just not my thing, but I am trying to break into that mode...making progress as you can see I am writing this post...hahaha. Here the girls are ready for journaling and I am ready for socializing!  Oh..Nikki is ready to create with her new body art adornment!

Since I was not doing any journaling...I joined Lisa, Rice and Tally for good conversation and sillyness!

Here are more pics from the bonfire/ beach journaling...

Stay tune for part 3 soon!


art spirit said...

Hi Adeola!
So glad my piece found a home with you! Love your Artfest photos, looks like you had a good time!
Love the necklace you made!
Best wishes to you!

Jill Berry said...

Thanks for posting those, it was great to see all the parts I did not get to see. I was so focused that a friend said I looked up, right at her and through her. Congratulations on winning Mary's piece, she does great work.

jennifer lorton said...

Hi Adeola,
I was going through my trades from Artfest and I wanted to write and thank you for the beautiful textiles.
We met briefly at the virgins gathering. I was the one that told you that my sweetie is from Nigeria too.
I enjoyed your blog, and your pictures. The ring you made is so beautiful!
I hope to run into you again, let's keep in touch.