Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Artfest Inspired!

As I was sorting through my trades and  editing my picture, I also have this strong creativity thirst!  I had to fight with every types of urges luring me from the studio.  I must say it was very difficult and almost had a melt down yesterday as I was feeling the sense time slipping away from me.  I managed to work on two new pieces inspired from Artfest workshop with Susan Kasmer.  My goal was to incorporate the layering process and it was challenging but worked it out.  I am also tickled in my first ever ring. I must say I "heart" my ring...had better outcome I think than the necklace...well offer you insight please!!!

The ring consist of hammered and patina cooper,  aluminum, vintage style button and pearl.


Long Black Eyelahes said...

I love the ring! I just love Susan, she is great.

martha brown said...

The ring is fabulous -- I love the layering -- and your pendant is great too!