Sunday, April 4, 2010

Artfest 2010

This March I journeyed to Port Townsend for my second Artfest and what a wonderful experience all over again. Met up with old friends I made last year and made some new ones. I was blown away with the classes I had and truly enjoyed everyone of them, learning new techniques to add to my art! I will be posting accounts of my classes and other activities of this extended retreat!

This year we arrived a day early so that we could explore the quaint town of Port Townsend.
Alex arrived first from France, then me and finally Amanda from Missouri! We picked up the car and headed to Port Townsend, a two hours drive. This year we opted to explore the non ferry route. It took about the same time and I must tell you it is true what they say about cop laying low, because we got pulled over but lucky lucky he let us off the hook! I knew it was a sign of good things to happen!

We got to town late evening and checked into our Water Street hotel, an old historical building. Late night bayou soup and then retired for the night.

Next morning was all about exploring the town...and explore we did after delicious breakfast. After few hours of exploration we started to observe the invasion of artfesters. Everywhere we go we spotted artfesters both old and new ones. There are special qualities that defines artfesters which might not be obvious to non-festers.

Enjoy the pictures and I will be posting more on my classes and other activities

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O mundo de Alex said...

i was a magical moment for me too Adeola next year if God allows us there will be more. it's so good to have this moments just for us creating creating xo