Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Art Play Day" With Artfest Sisters!

Monday was spent with two art sisters at the studio.  We have been planning for a while to get together and just have fun in creating and finally after schedules coordination it happened and it was a great time had by all!
It dawned on me how I truly missed the feel of collaboration or creating with other mixed media artists.  Sharing ideas, encouraging each other and working on resolving issues were the highlights of our play day.

Angelica was the trade queen creating her wonderful trades for the upcoming "Art Unraveled" in Arizona.

How I wished I could go with them, but work gets in the way!

Here is a close-up of one of the trade given to me...loved the face with the gold sparkles!

Laura trying to resolve one of her copper plates to print!
Copper plate close-up!

Adeola contemplating!
It took a while for me to get settled into what type of play I want...I guess I was too excited having my art sisters around.  I finally decided to have Jesse Reno inspired finger painting to get loose and just take in the fun part of creating! 
play in progress!


Snack time...some berries and peanuts...healthy snacks...lol!


Karan Simoni said...

I just saw your post on the Artfest yahoo group... I posted a few months back about being new to the area and looking for Artfest Sisters... I would love to join you for another get together, and I have a few ladies who replied that are also interested and live in OC... I will forward your info on to them as well... I am looking to host some regular get togethers, like once a month. A group I met in San Francisco meet the 2n d sunday of every month and we really have a ball sharing ideas and just creating community with fellow artists... Love your work... Really beautiful.

adeola's studio said...

hi kiran,
great to hear more people interested in getting together...we just started and love to have others join us...the next art play will be end of august and i hope you can come play and share your ideas! i will keep you posted!