Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The beauty of Stainless Metalsmithing!

On our recent vacation, we caught a computer virus and put me out of commission in updates but it has also allowed me to play more in the studio!  I am very exited on the results I am getting with working and manipulating steel!!!
Working with  stainless steel is different from copper.  It is more tough in cutting and some elbow grease is needed for pounding designs on them, but the results are awesome...

 This piece is layered with copper/brass/steel with hand lettered "Peace Comes From Within"

This next piece is just pure steel with hand lettering.

 Incorporating found object and vintage piece was the focus of this next piece.  The steel heart piece is layered with brass found object.  The chain is a combination of pearl, shells, brass chain and copper. 

The earrings are  light weight layered with copper, steel, domed brass, with hand lettering.

I would love to hear your comments on these pieces. 


taju said...

very nice unique layering and detailed!
loved it!

Hilary Cable said...

I love the "peace comes from within" necklace. Is it available for purchase? xoxox Hilary (Mike's friend)

Long Black Eyelahes said...

Oh how I especially love the earrings!

O mundo de Alex said...

they are beautiful love them....thanks for your support i am on holiday cool. xo

Cathy said...

The heart necklace is so lovely - that I bought it. Thanks, Adeola. Already I'm getting compliments on my wearable art.