Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tea and Journaling Party

After a fun filled cold morning painting, I set out with Ronnie to Orange County for a group of artists getting together for artistic fellowship. Karan the hostess the mostest was all giving and sharing.  We had an awesome meditation session that was led by Judi and you just can help but feeling energized. We then started to assemble our pages for the binder and Karan's  old paper came in handy...and least I forget the lovely tea finger food...yeah! that is party with the right stuff!


Karan Simoni said...

Wow! You took so many photos. I only took 2 before you and Ronnie arrived. Do you mind if I link to this post from my blog? It was so nice to meet you both! I am looking forward to getting together again. All that creative energy in one room really gets the ideas flowing. Hugs!

adeola's studio said...

Karan, you go right ahead and link the page...we had such a great time too...and look forward to attending more get together!

keep creating and my regards to your mom!