Sunday, March 27, 2011

Claybord Intaglio Workshop!

For several weeks I was in preparation mode for my March 26th, claybord intaglio workshop at Riverside Art Museum.  I had seven participants and all were eager to learn this technique. I was honored with the presence of the experienced printmakers  in thier own rights taking my workshop.

I had prep different sample  plate markings and some new imagery. 
The participants came with different ideas and loads of questions.  After the intro and demo, it was dig in time for them and dig in they did!

It was amazing to see the different take by each student and how each went about resolving plate issues. I was thankful for the samples I received from Ampersand, the manufacturer of the claybord which was put to use right away to create additional plates! The energy was high and the creative juice was just enormous that I just had to print!!!
Here are some imagery from the workshop!
Mary marking her plate!

Ronnie & Ingrid high concentration!

Jan perfectly marking paper for printing!

Seeyoon first proof!

Great outcome, happy  Seeyoon

Time out to chart with guest!

Ann & Jan consulting!
Jan's print

Ann's intaglio and monoprint! 

Ann's plate

Debbie's print off the press!

Mary's print!

Ronnie's Print!

Ingrid's print!

Happy students to the end!

More happy ending!

More happy..happy ending!

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