Monday, April 18, 2011

Artfest 2011-Iron Chef Artists Challenge!

After the first day workshops one of the evening activities was the Iron Chef Challenge.  The instructors were given the same materials to use in their creation and also were allowed to use up to five things from their art.  They have to create quickly within a time frame and what a blast to watch them do their thing under the gun!

The is the second year for the challenge.  Last year the creations were raffled off for which i was lucky to win Mary Stanley's piece. This year the art were sold through silent auction.  I stopped by the auction few times and finally jumped in and decided to bid on them...well, I bid on four piece and to my surprise when I inquired on the outcome that I won them all....wohooooooooo.  This was all for a great years scholarship program.  It feels great for doing my part! Winning the bid was the first part, getting them home was another but happy to say they made it home ok! Here are the pieces I got....

Melisa Manley's creation

Mary Beth Shaw's creation

frontal view of Mary Beth Shaw's piece

close-up ot Tory's creation, with real gummie worms...tempted to eat!

Tory Brokenshire's creation

Micheal deMeng's creation

Close-up of Micheal deMeng's creation


lk moonwood said...

Wow! You got yourself some treasures, Adeola! Congrats!

Meri said...

These are really fun -- isn't Melissa Manley a sweetheart? said...

WOW! I'm so jealous! :) You got some gorgeous art! I love them all, but especially Michael's... very cool!

MB Shaw said...

Excellent, so glad you documented this, lol! Hope it's ok if I link you up on my blog?

adeola's studio said...

@ Ik...thanks and your right, they are great treasures!
@ Meri, Melissa Manley is a great easy going teacher...had a blast in her "love burst " class!
@ disco...i just could not resist on bidding on deMeng piece!

adeola's studio said...

@ Mary Beth...are you kidding are more than welcome to link me up on your blog...THANK YOU...xoxo!