Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Artfest Review 1

Teesha & Tracy...giving welcome address!
This past week was artfest in port Townsend and what a magical experience.  I made it home safely but totaly exhausted that I passed out on the sofa for a much needed nap.  From day one of the retreat it was non stop fun, artists fellowship, and tons of learning! I made connections with old and new friends and most of all learned a lot from my workshops...thanks to Robert Smith, Jesse Reno & Mellisa Manley for being such awesome teachers.. 
So sooooooooooo sad it had to end!

Victoria & Jessica...riding with me to Port Townsend!

Victoria & Erin deciding on the menu!

Adeola with Jo

Andria & her mom.

Andria & I...after checking out our hair colors!

Jen & Tally

Lisa attentive to welcome address!

Jesse Reno welcome intro!

WITH Robert Smith, instructor for spirit dolls

Nikki with her page on my round robbin journal

with Sunny at the beach bonfire

the 3 M...me, Erin & Victoria

Lisa & Nikki

with Nikki

Jessica,  her husband & a friend

  with Mellisa Manley, instructor for enameled loveburst!                           
I hope you have enjoyed this...stay tuned for the next artfest installment!



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