Thursday, December 29, 2011

Promises To Thyself!

triple hearts-one for self, one for family and one for the universe
It is time for me to rededicate myself to taking daily responsibility for being an artist and an agent of my own destiny.  2011 was the start of this journey and as we reach the end of the year I need to renew this dedication and focus, thus no waiting, blaming nor worry...all is well!
CQGL stated "The anxious moment, the addictive moment, the controlling moment is also  our greatest creative opportunity"
So, the recommendations are to be alert to the next prompt, and to keep eye on the unfolding path.  My desires to be creative is based on my self-kindness and nurturing.  I know I am not alone on this part...artists are part of creative kindred spirits and so you too are not alone...
What is your insight?


Coleen said...

Love it. They are even better here, blown up. We better follow each other. You are right, you, we are not alone. Tho' I don't have much local art interaction, internet makes up for it.
Happy New Year with many blessings,

Coleen, an American in Ukraine

Art Expression said...

This is beautiful....lovely

Ellen ES said...

Rededication is a wonderful concept although I find that I often need to do it at various times throughout the year: whenever I find myself unfocused.

Love the piece. It is a beautiful symbol of the idea.