Thursday, April 5, 2012

Artfest 2012!

this years welcoming goodie bag!
 Artfest 2012 has come and gone but the memories will last forever!  I knew I would be back this year at the end of last year that I  requested for days off from work the very first week of going back to work back in August.  Then when I found out it will be the last one, it even made it more special and wouldn’t miss it for the world!
chunky fatbook swap hosted by monica gill
atc swap hosted by donna cartagena
Preparation was intense since I decided to participate in all the swaps (ATC, Fatbook, Charms & Faces) whew me!  I am so glad I did all the swaps. 

charm swap hosted by dear friend annie hooten
 The works are just awesome and I have been enjoying them all as I unpack my suitcases!
the book of faces hosted by penelope harris
I met up with my car mates at the airport, we all got our luggage's but Jennifer’s never made it to Seattle.   Despite waiting for two airplane arrivals to see if her luggage was on it, she finally asked the airline to deliver her luggage to her at the fort once it is located.  It was not a great feeling or experience to go thru but I assured her that all will be well and she will be fine in the spirit of artfest and from my past experience of how kind and giving people are!  Happy to say she got her luggage the next day and her supply boxes made it to the postal annex…yay!

car mates: jaime m, jennifer b, christ s & adeola a!

 We made it to the fort late in the middle of kickoff meeting at the pavilion.  We got there just after the highlight of the evening, a proposal to Tish, Teesha's daughter.  The engagement was followed by introduction of the teachers sharing with us their art inspired "word"
left view of teachers
right view of teacher
The speaker this year was Jesse Reno and it sure was Reno style delivery!!!
dude sharing his philosophy!
My next posting  will be on day one workshop and activities...stay tuned!

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Carrie Clayden said...

It was so inspiring I feel full of ideas and drive. Meeting you Adeloa was a highlight! xoxo