Saturday, April 7, 2012

Artfest Workshop- Day 1

An original example by Lynne- very layered and textured!
My first workshop was “Shine On” with the nurturing Lynne Perrella. I had Lynne’s workshop several years ago at the late Carol Parks’s studio and also where I discovered ARTFEST!  So, this was a refresher and a chance to visit with an admired instructor coming full circle!

lynee doing a demo!
The class supply included bringing imagery of iconic figure we would like to use in our piece.  At first I was lost as to which image to bring.  I wanted something I can relate to, so I brought "Mama Africa" Miriam Makeba!.  Lynne have a gentle way of nudging you to get out side of the box and truly explore the different ways you can build layers, even with the "cheesiest" products!
lynne perrella and yours truly!
I started out with color splashes all over gesso red rosin paper and then consulting with Lynne on the next step in subject placement.  As things progressed, I ran into difficulties on what my next move should be...and was getting frustratedLynne was busy helping others and I finally decided to cover the part I was struggling with and it was like the light came on…I was able to move on and by the time Lynne came around, she suggested that I refrain from adding more to it and call it done!
"mama africa"

Lynne was so generous with her time, she offered to stay till 5:30 even though the workshop ends at 4:30.  The offer was highly appreciated by all and several of us stayed to finish our piece.   Good to say that I got out of there quarter to six!

I explored the ruined of the hidden small fort by the building and took some lovely pictures. Here are few of the pictures I took:

a very colorful wall all from nature!
The activities for the evening was Wine & Cheese Journaling in the Commons and Beach Bonfire Journaling Party.  We headed to the beach bonfire first and walked instead of taking the shuttle.  I am so glad we walked because it was so much fun twirling in Carrie's tutu,and the candle light walk back to the dorms.
camera check y'all!

hip chick carrie doing the pose...she is a breath of fresh air!

hip chick carrie twirling...she knows how to have fun!
soul sister adeola getting jiggy with!  
We had hot dog and s'mores cooked over the bonfire and then settled down to some journaling on the 1000 journal project books that were left on the tables for people to express in.  I worked on two pages incorporating the finger techniques of Jesse Reno and Portfolio oil pastels technique of Lynne Perrella.

at the bonfire roasting hotdog s & marshmallows
posing with my 1000 journal project contribution!
close-up of my 1000 journal project contribution!
with amanda jolley and her daughter .madeline
..met amanda my 1st year doing artfest, we were car-mates!
carrie, krista, & jaime
stopped to chat with susan l-kazmer on our way out to the second round of journaling at the commons
walking back with our hijacked candles from the beach cabin!

The commons was still rocking when we got there and visited with old friends...
with michelle allen, my 1st year roomie & lisa....we were all sporting  variation of locks!
with nikki
with tally & maureen
So this pretty much round up day one workshop as I was too tired to stay up late like past years to work on art.  Next posting is day two workshop, so stay tuned!


Cindy Jones Lantier said...

Looks like you had a great time! I'm happy for you! I love your "Mama Africa" piece. So colorful, yet dignified.

O mundo de Alex said...

so many great memories so much fun and creativity. miss you all xo

Carrie Clayden said...

your joyous spirit made me so happy and the bonfire party and walk with candles was probably my favorite moment of Artfest!! Until we meet again, twirling away in her tutu...

jaime said...

Love the pictures. I agree with Carrie. The bonfire party and candle hijacking (and the mysterious way all of our candles went out!)was great!

adeola's studio said...

@ Cindy,thanks for you input and yes she is dignified and very majestic!
@Alex, the memories is very magical and miss you more this year since we went to the first artfest together...I hope I can one day get to visit you in Europe!
@ Carrie & Jaime, thank you both for a memory that will last a lifetime, I feel blessed to connected with you both...
xoxo all!

Amanda said...

That was a fun night! I was so sad to have missed Lana's belly dancing though! Hope our paths cross again, my friend.

Janet said...

Such a fun day! What a great piece you made with Mama Africa - definitely an eye stopper. You rocked that. Thanks for sharing the other pics too - that tutu is a must!

Lisa MB said...

One of the great things about Artfest is coming to see old friends again... it's nice being online with you, but so much better in person. Miss you!