Monday, April 16, 2012

Artfest Workshop day 2

close-up of  one of Stephanie's original she shared with class!
Friday workshop was all about plaster, POP(plaster of paris), compound joint and plaster gauze.  I have been excited about this class since I got the book Plaster Studio by Stephanie Lee & Judy Wise.  As I handed my book to Stephanie to sign, she shared the surprise of the day with us that we get not only her knowledge, but that of Judy Wise.  That alone set the mood even more higher.

I remember the first original I bought at vendors night of my first artfest was by Judy and here is another full circle feeling of meeting her at the last artfest as in Lynne Perella's...WOW!
1st artfest purchase of original by Judy!
The work shop was called "Plaster Sampler"  and I kid you not, Stephanie made sure we got all the techniques.  The were times I was overwhelmed with all the these techniques and trying to digest and chew the process.  I love the extensive info of the wonderful things you could do with plaster, but lack of time to process them is what frustrated me to an extent!
several plaster surface treatment

I end up with many surface treatments sampler and I will be finishing up the process in the future.  I did managed to get three surfaces decently finished.
crackled plaster on burlap

pop with stains, sanding & encuastic

pop with stains, collage & encaustic!

Today was not a day to stay late in class, for it is vendor night and I am vending and need to setup. I quickly packed up and was ready to leave by end of workshop, but it won't be complete without candid cam with my two lovely instructors!!!
Judy, Adeola & Stehpanie

I was a nervous wreck and had this knot in my stomach about vending.  This feeling did subsides a bit when I found out my cuff in the open gallery at the commons sold.  This gave me the boost that I so needed!
artfest grounds keepers!

Annie Hooten was God sent, she is one of the most giving person I know, first for hosting the charm swap...and then offering to assist me during vending...I am so grateful for your help...I <3 ANNIE!.
with Annie showcasing a necklace bauble!

Vendor night was fantastic, found some wonderful homes for my baubles and such an appreciative audience!
checkout the bauble she is wearing!
 Until next posting, stay tuned for workshop day 3...Santos is the word!


Amanda said...

So do you plan on working with plaster more? I really enjoyed the hands-on experimentation, but really want to dig in more. Good thing I have the book too. :)

Pam McKnight said...

Your samples look great. I wish I had taken the plaster class, as well as a few others but then Art Fest would have had to have been at least a week long!

Janet said...

Nice sample works and finished ones too! Must have been great - and now you get to do the coloring and processing of those plaster pieces - lots of fun! Great to hear about Vendor night - would like to see more of what you sold. Thanks for sharing!

Angela Rae Barribeau said...

Thanks for sharing! I still haven't blogged about Artfest or posted photos of my own work, closeup. I will. Neat to see everyone's experiences blogged! :)

Marianne said...

Your work looks amazing... i'm going to have to get a copy of that book! I saw some work from that class at the show and tell, and was sorry i missed it. And I couldn't even get close to your booth at vendor night because of the crowds around you. I'm sure your stuff was fantastic.

adeola's studio said...
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adeola's studio said...

I plan on incorporate into my printmaking...shall see where it takes me!

adeola's studio said...

I agree, Artfest should be a week long or longer... You should look into Stephanie's book!

adeola's studio said...

Janet, I am trying so hard to make time to have fun with all the surface textures I did!

adeola's studio said...

Angela, I will be on the lookout for your blogging!

adeola's studio said...

Marianne, you should look into Stephanie's book. It covers lots of the stuff we did in class. It is a great resource book!

kt40s said...

wow what an incredible looking class i love what you shared. I heart annie too:)
I will keep checking in on your blog.

adeola's studio said...

thanks for stopping by and welcome...Stephanie's wealth of knowledge is incredible...if you ever get a chance take her work shop...& Annie is just awesome!

Doodlebugheart said...

wow, Adeola! You got a lot done and it all looks amazing. I want to touch it and learn all about the process of each one! Looking forward to more...

adeola's studio said...

Thanks Deborah, it was fun making them. Check out the book Plaster Studio!