Monday, November 19, 2012

ORANGE AID- the story of a fiber orange!

Things have been hectic in the creative front which affected my blogging!  I was not totally out of posting blogs,  short posting & sharing have been taking place here at Adeola's Studio PAGE.

Now with Orange Aid, this summer I was selected as one of the hundred participating artists to paint a fiber glass orange with each artist's artistic license. Art Alliance OrangeAid Benefit is a  celebration of "Art Oranges" inspired by the Giant Orange Artventure. 
I picked up my blank white fiber glass orange in June and it sat in my studio for months with no action.  I generally gave it stares every time I passed by.  One week became months with no action and before you know it now two and half weeks before due day and it is time to bunker down and get it done.

Here is the journey of a white fiber glass orange evolving with my artistic take on it!
orange arrived at studio all bubbled up!
ornage gracing the table for months!

getting ready for cleaning!
orange getting a ho down!

first layer of base coat!
more layers of base coat!
heart composition drawn!

hand composition drawn!
blocking and building up composition!
blocking and building up composition!
more blocking!
building up the bottom with details!
details being added!
side/bottom view!
side/bottom view!

bottom view!

bottom view!
top view with detals
close-up of detailed tiny hands with hearts!

heart vie of done orange!!
Over 100 oranges painted by local artists were matched with sponsors to raise much needed fund for Riverside Art Museum!!! It was an awesome experience and opportunity to be part this fundraising event. 
The oranges were exhibited at the museum and on November 9th at the sponsor gala reception, they were matched with the sponsors in a blind drawing.  I am happy than my orange was matched with Security Bank of CA...yeah!!!

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